The Hills are alive with Sound of Music, eh… sorry for the Showtunes there. I am trying to get High School Musical out of my head. So, let’s talk about manly manly things like “Go Bags” (read: purse) and “Man-bag” (read: purse) and “Satchel” (read: purse). Manly Man Micheal with the Motorcycle (How more manly can you get with than operating a motorcycle?) clued me in on a website that had Man Bags… not just metrosexual purses, but real tough-guy bags. And when I say tough guy bags, I mean bags that you can carry your concealed weapon on your person! Yeah… Chuck Norris type bags!

So looking though their Catalog, I came up with these selections:



Fatboy S-Type

Jumbo S-Type

Janus (This adds more storage to the bags)

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