I have admitted to having some sort of Bag Fetish, in that when I see a bag… I must go look at it, imagine what I could put in it and try to justify purchasing the bag. Most women experience this phenomenon with shoes.

After all MyCokeRewards point collection was first initiated because of a bag they were offering. Of course, the prize that I am going after right now is a different type of bag… a person bag (read: sleeping bag).

About a month ago, I inadvertently posted an email that was suppose to go to my email account with two different bags that I have been eyeing over. Michael posted a comment saying that I should look here at these bags. Well, I have every intention of doing that but didn’t until today.

Ohhhh yeah! There are some kicking bags in there. Most look like a military-esque style but these are Smart Bags. Unlike the normal JanSport or other conventional bags, you can actually accessorize these bags (ref: women and shoes).

I’d ordered a catalog for me to look at all the pretty pictures (move over Victoria’s Secret) and see what combination that I want to get. Of course, like shoes, with functionality (shoes: comfort) comes a higher price tag… but would be worth it, if it’s the right bag.

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