And he shall rest

As I mentioned in the “Tuesday” section of Yesterday’s So Far post, I took today off from actively running but did spend some time at the pool writing the outline for Episode 15, which, if the podcasting deities smile on me (i.e. I get off my butt), Episode 15 of Gravity@1053′ should be out early next week. It’s kind of a hand-in-hand with my Race Director blurb on the forthcoming episode of Phedippidations and will hopefully recap some of the Scholar’s Run this weekend.

Continuing with my Gravity Podcast, I actually have a couple of other ideas for episodes that will hopefully speed up the creation of podcast episodes and make it a little more consistent. I am thinking about doing a two-part, somewhat self-study called Marathon Mistakes… but there’s ALOT of content for that one.

On the Home Front, My lovely and Talented Wife and I went to a Safe Sanctuaries class at our church yesterday. This class certifies us to be on our own to teach Sunday School with the children at the church. Seeing that our kids have been going there for 2-4 years now and we’ve done little in terms of giving back in this arena. We now will be part of the teams that help on Sundays… 17 energetic 4 years olds… in a classroom. Do the Math.

Tonight is the The Elder’s first Cherub Choir practice. This is the start of his American Idol journey… yeah he’s just 4yo, but this is where it will begin and you are here to experience it. Of course, if he has his father’s singing ability, he is totally screwed and would have to pull a William Hung for fortune and glory on American Idol. Of course Simon Cowell will be 200 years old at that time and that may improve The Elder’s odds.

Okay, it’s time for me to get back to the regular schedule life that I lead and get some stuff done tonight… chores chores and more chores!

I went ahead and printed out the entry for for Chickamauga and I checked the remaining spots for Harpeth Hills (currently 52). The only thing that could derail my maniacal pursuit is an overruling from the Scheduling Committee. Although I am committed (in more ways than one) to run these two races, I do have to some other key components line up for me and I don’t want to blow $100 on not running 2 races! But I am starting to move into Race-Focus mode now… which for the non-running lay person… is I am starting to get nervous!

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