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I received a comment from She Who Shall Not Be Linked asking what my freakin’ problem was with Flickr and how ignorant could I be. OKay, maybe that’s a little too dramatic, but she didn’t understand my question, so I emailed her and tried (horribly I am sure) to describe the difference between using Flickr as a webalbum tool and Picasa.

Picasa is webalbum software, so it’s made for this type of stuff and is what I am using for the family photo album. It’s incredibly easy to upload to webalbums from the Picasa (Google) software… SO very easy. The interface to navigate within the album is more intuitive (big arrows above the pictures) as opposed to Flickr (click on the next picture as the arrows scroll through the thumbnail set).

Flickr is pretty easy because it has a Windows Interface called Uploadr which allows you to bulk upload files and if you do it right and have a “pro” account you can essential make “sets” as webalbums right from Windows Explorer. I am sure that Linux and Apple have similar type programs but I don’t have alot of experience with either, so there I am truly ignorant. Now someone created a Hack for Picasa and you can add the option to upload from Picasa to Flickr. So with this little toy, I could send stuff to Picasa (The Family Album) and to Flickr (if I upgrade to the Pro account) right from my computer from one location… Hmmmm.

Picasa is free, but Flickr has a $24.95 price to it, so I have to wrestle with laying down the cash for the upgrade when, after looking at my Fourth of July pictures, I need (and I really NEED) a new lens or at least a lens hood for my existing lens.

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