Weather Trick

You know when you have on of those AH-HA moments when the Lightbulb Earth Friendly Lightbulb goes off above your head like in the cartoons. You bask in glory as you yell EUREKA at your discovery…

I had one of those yesterday, but I have to admit, I am sure that this is being used by thousands millions out there.

Despite that I have this great love for running. I do not have a very details running log. From 1998 to 2004 or so my running logs consisted of Date and Miles Ran and that was about it. I did have an archaic way of tracking the miles on my shoes, but nothing really exciting.

In 2004, I created a basic Excel Spreadsheet to track the mileage of my shoes and added some other basic information such as Total Time, Calculated Average Pace and a Comment Section. The nice thing was that I could have multiple shoes tracked in one location.

In 2006, two things changed. First, I had opened a Buckeye Outdoors account and with correspondences with SuperHeroBen, I was able to track each split mile in one central location instead of on paper calendar pages. Second, I started adding Weather and Type of Running Workout to my training log. Most of this was to provide better detail to my workouts of performance and training.

It was easy to know what type of pace I ran at races. But if you were to ask me what the type of run I ran on July 12th, 2006, I would have to to either go back to my blog archives and if I posted any details about the run or guess. With my new additions, I can tell you that I had 4 mile (8:11 pace) Tempo Run on my Market Square Fab 4 mile course, it was Sunny about about 80 degrees and humid. Also, I ran on my 1st Vitruvian Symmetry and they had 270 miles on them.

So where in the hell are you going with this post? Well, we are reaching the point, I promise. One of more inaccurate components of my running log is weather. Most of the time it is a “guess” at what Temperature it actually was while I was running. If I ran downtown, I could see the Big Board thermometer but lately it has been set at 73 degrees when it is well over 80 degrees. Or I would check the temperature when I got back to my desk or later in the afternoon when I remembered to check and then it wasn’t all that accurate.

So Monday, I was walking to workout and it felt great outside… hot but not crazy humid like it had been in the past few days. I thought to myself and wondered what the temperature actually was right then. I whip out the mobile phone and sent a text message and in 3.2 seconds, I had the current temperature, humidity, forecast… not only that, it was saved in my phone so that I would have a record of what it was when I went back to update my log… I didn’t have to remember anything… well, other than it was on my phone.

So, how did I do this. Well, I have the bare minimum phone you could get at the time. I don’t even have a camera on my phone, no internet access, nothing. Not even Games! So, some of you out there who have those SmartPhones, may not even need this feature but you could use it if you can’t get an internet signal.

Now, I know that one of you will think this is dirty, because this is the OTHER enemy but you can do this in the discretion of your own home.

So here it goes:

You can search on Google via your text messages. No crap! When were in Hendersonville and I was on the phone trying to work out some crazy insurance problem for my son, I didn’t have the Doctor’s number I needed. No problem… I sent a text message to 466453 with the Doctor’s Name and zipcode and BAMM! I had the information I needed without have to call the free 411 number (which Google has their own 411 service and if you call it an say “Map It” it will send the map to you if you have that capability).

So, you send “Weather 37934” in my case to 466453 and I have weather. I even have a preset message recorded so I don’t have to type very much at all.

This does charge you your normal Text message rate, so you do need to mindful of this, but you have a recorded and date weather data in case you need it.

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