The Trip to Saturn

One of the perks that my wife receives for her work is that she can earn the use of a company car or take the cash. At the end of June we qualified for our 3rd car… YAY! We have been enjoying a nice, sporty platinum 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix for the past two years and now we get to choose another one.

Actually, they are phasing out the Grand Prix and replacing it with 2 vehicle choices, the Saturn Aura and Saturn Vue. We were at a loss this time. Which one to choose. When it’s between the Car and Cash, it’s a little easier to decide but when it’s Car, Car or Cash…

So we scheduled a trip to our Saturn Dealer to check out the different vehicles. The sales guy that responded to my email didn’t quite catch on that we weren’t buying a vehicle… the company was delivering one to us and we wanted to see the different features.

My reply to him before our arrival was this:

“We don’t get to chose the color and options of the car, whatever deal Mary Kay and Saturn has worked out will be what we get. We do know that the Vue and Aura will be Black. Knowing Mary Kay and based on the options of our current Pontiac Grand Prix, Mary Kay probably won’t stick us with the barebones options but it won’t be fully loaded either. They save those for the Cadillacs they offer.
If there is anything else, please let me know. Else we will see you tomorrow, probably closer to 6pm.”

But yet, when we arrived he believed we were buying a car. Perhaps thinking that we would get the cash and then work the deal ourselves.

After ranting talking to his manager, he realizes that he’s not going to make a penny off of us, he’s not quite as enthusiatic, but still very nice. He didn’t have any 2008 Auras in the showroom, as they haven’t been delivered yet, but we saw a 2007 Aura. We also scoped out the 2008 Vue.

Both were pretty sweet rides, but the one thing that Aura has going for it is a sealed trunk for security and protection.

So, as we are looking at the Vue, he drives his truck up, so he can leave ASAP. He finishes answering our questions while throwing in that “he’s usually off at 5pm” as if I am supposed to be upset that it’s after 6 and he is still at work. He could have easily seen if we could have rescheduled or even had someone else help us… perhaps we should have “just showed up” and might have been able to test drive one… maybe.

That was Friday night and we didn’t really know which one to get. Both were great cars. Then Saturday we get the paperwork in and My Lovely and Talented Wife has to decide which one by this coming Friday! Come on people… this is stressful enough to pick out which car, much less do it right before our big trip to Dallas. Granted, the cars will be there in Dallas to oh-and-ah over, so that might make it a little better.

Not really. Still she had to chose between:


Later on… while I was at the Company Headquarters, I received a text from My Lovely, Talented and Decisive Wife that she “chose the Aura”. After all, she doesn’t plan on having it too long before earning her Pink Cadillac SRX. So the Aura will do for now.

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