The Thursday One with lightening

I do have some pictures from the 4th of July parade and I am thinking that I am going to put them up on a web album as opposed to Flickr. Seeing that I have the Free Flickr, it doesn’t support more than 3 albums, plus Flickr frustrates me when I am looking through people’s pictures. If I don’t do the slideshow, I have to do a bunch of clicking to get through the pictures, unless I just use the splash page and those pictures often aren’t big enough. If anyone has good suggestions on how to look through large pictures in Flickr without a bunch of clicking… I am listening.

Yesterday I went back to the road. I put on my schedule a 8 mile run. I made the decision that instead of increasing my mileage, that I would keep the mileage the same and work on pacing rather than distance. And… well… let’s see.

I started my run at the former Big Orange Bi-Lo parking lot which is the trail head for the 3rd creek greenway, one of Knoxville’s most popular greenway. With the number of extension to 3rd Creek, you can run easily 14 miles out and back on greenways!

On route to the parking lot, I remembered that one thing last week was the lack of fueling during the run. So, I stopped by my local running store, Runner’s Market, for a Clif Bar (immediate Fueling) and Power Gel (Running Fueling).

I could tell right from the start that I was running too fast. I brought my iRiver to record material for Gravity@1053, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk about. When I realized that I was running fast my heart rate was around 163 bpm and would be the last I would use my HRM.

Mile 2 was even faster and I could not stand it, perhaps I just hit the Mile 2 split time too soon or something, but even so, that would mean that my Mile 1 or Mile 3 split time was too long and therefore, and would because of mathematics (not to scare you) make me fast. Thus making me even more upset now because my pacing wasn’t consistence. So, let’s go look at the map.

AHHA!!! YES! I figure it out by looking at the map. I remember now that I wasn’t sure where the 1.0 mile split was as there was no discernible landmark on the map. So, what I did was I took a split time at a turn that I knew the mileage… makes sense… now.

Mile 3 felt pretty consistent but I could feel myself slowing down a little but not much. At about the 3.8 mile mark, just before the turn around point, the rain started coming down.

The Knoxville area is roughly 11 inches below in the total rainfall for the year. They say everything is bigger in Texas, well even the rainfall seems bigger right now and I have a feeling that some people in Texas would be more than happy to get rid of some of the excess water…

Fortunate for me, I was only unprotected completely for little less than a mile. This was enough to totally soak me down which I was not expecting and really needed some band aids for some of my more sensitive areas.

Approaching the mile 5 marker, I see a flash of lightening followed by a loud clap. Nice. A little more than a mile away. The only saving grace was that there were lots and lots of trees near me. I could only hope that the lightening would hit the trees before me and should a tree start to fall, perhaps one of the other trees would stop it before it hit me.

The rain died off and although there was a couple more claps of thunder, nothing hit me nor any of the trees.

I stopped at Tyson Park to refill my CamelBak. I managed to fill it up and it was there that I discovered that my HRM monitor watch was dead. No reading whatsoever. *sigh* I take that as a divine sign to get a new HRM, pretty clear, I think. So as I am leaving the shelter, something doesn’t “feel” right. There is something that is missing, but I have all of my gadgets, keys etc.

About 1/2 mile down the road, I realize that the PowerGel that I specifically stopped at a Running Store before coming to run was no were to be seen. That is what I left at the Shelter… *SIGH* Another 8 mile run with no fueling. I hope some homeless person picks it up when they are hungry.

The last 2 miles I could really feel my legs getting heavy. I was having to stop for more walk breaks and decided to take these walk breaks as interval training. I walked no more than 30 sec before I kept going, I even made a commitment to myself to finish strong in the last 0.1 of the run with a Fast Finish. I don’t know how fast I actually was for that last bit, but I gave it everything that I had.

So my “corrected” split times for the run are:
Miles 1 & 2: 18:12 (avg 9:06)
Mile 3: 9:51
Mile 4: 9:55
Mile 5: 10:04
Mile 6: 9:53
Mile 7 & 8: 21:32 (avg 10:46)

Next up… Friday’s Brick workout in the hot sun

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