Some of you maybe familiar with Bill Cosby’s Himself routine that debuted in 1983. With my friends having HBO, The Movie Channel and Showtime, it was watched multiple times and with such enthusiasm grilling in Cosby’s wholesome, hilarious outlook on some of the normal things of life such as kids, childbirth and chocolate cake.

One of his skits is about Jeffrey, a 4 year old, who during a 2500 mile trip constantly said his name to all the passengers without end or lack of enthusiasm. At the very end of the trip, he falls silent… which is met with cheers from the other passengers. Nothing is said about the parents of little Jeffrey, they must have been in a dramamine induced coma or something.

The Younger, thankfully, was not as bad as Jeffrey. But, he did cry and yell “No” for a good solid 10 minutes going UP and coming DOWN. The rest of the time he slept from Chicago to Dallas. But the 20 minutes that he was “active” was veyr unnerving especially those that don’t really enjoy hearing a kid scream oer and over again. One that was inconsolable from the effects of pressure changes and the unwillingness for Daddy to help in any sort of fashion. No, this is the independent-and-I-must-do-it-MY-way child.

So, no videos, no drinks, no tickling, no Elmo, no trucks, no books…

And everyone was in a good mood too because the flight was 1.5 hrs delayed because of weather. We all survived and it wasn’t too terrible… but when you are the parent of “That Kid”, you feel that the flight takes forever and everybody hates you.

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