Happy 4th!

On this day 231 years ago, the Declaration of Independence was signed. A concise document signed by a bunch of dudes that said, “Hey, we are really serious about being our own country and we have the paper to prove it, so poopie on you Mr. King George Poopy-pants! Pssst hey France, have any spare weapons?”

Of course, it was more eloquently written by Thomas Jefferson, which according to my history professor, only wrote the Declaration because he was one of the “junior” fellows and so the duty of writing a document that stuck the middle finger at England and the open palm out to France was laid upon his shoulders. My history professor also went on to say that one of Jefferson’s contemporaries said that had he known the Declaration of Independence was going to be such an important document that he would have written it.

You either love us or you hate us! Happy 4th of July America!

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