Advertising Differentials

This morning I went to a local gas station (it’s a national chain based here in Knoxville) and realized that I forgot my CamelBak and Powerade for today’s long run. Although the gas station did not have CamelBaks, they did have plenty of Powerade/Gatorade.

In a heavy advertising campaign, they are advertising Gatorade 2/$4, doing the math, that’s $2 a bottle. Now that’s pretty steep, but given Heat Stroke/Exhaustion or $2 a bottle… here’s my money. During some races you could sell 32oz bottles for upwards of $6 given the right conditions.

I went to the refrigeration section to see what the Powerade price would cost me. I found first the Gatorade section, which had another 2/$4 sign on the outside door. On the inside was the promotion buy 2 get 1 free.

So there’s a double promotion? 2/$4 and get the person committed to the purchase and then get 2 for 1 and the deal is done because the person is getting a deal! Ah-ha. Sneaky. So that’s really 3/$4 which is $1.33, much better for gas station prices. Typically, 32oz Gatorade will run you about $1.69 or so.

But what other options were there? Powerade, all by its lonesome. No fancy advertising, colorful banner heralding the great value. Nothing but the little price sign that said $1.59 each or 2/$2. SCORE!

So, I walked out with 2 extra dollar (minus tax) in my pocket, 2 Powerades and the best thing… Powerade has MyCokeReward Points!

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