Yesterday transformed

It was pretty interesting that just writing a post yesterday was enough for me to go from “bleh” to “hurray”! Okay, it wasn’t quite a “hurray” but pretty close.

So after I left worked, I made my way to Fort Kid where I met My Lovely and Talented Wife and the kids. We had dropped off Cris (our Au Pair) off at a high school downtown to get her started with her English classes. To pass the time, the kids went to Fort Kid which is massive playground area and I met them there. This means that the normal Bedtime Routine was going to be out of alignment, not a real problem.

After the kids were home and finally went to sleep, which happened faster than normal because they had played hard and it was later than normal, I went on to the computer to work with the finances and get the bills paid. While I was working on the computer, My Lovely and Talented Wife and Cris made S’mores on the (gas) stove.

Cris had never had S’mores before, but had seen them on the movies. S’mores, for those of you who are not familiar, are marshmellows that have been toasted typically over an open fire (traditionally over a camp fire) source, and is sandwiched with a chunk of chocolate and sandwiched between two graham crackers.

Since I was working on the computer, I didn’t join them, but somehow a S’more was delivered to me, twice! YAY for me. Although I wasn’t able to get everything done on the computer, I was able to have a happy belly!

I am reading a book that I think is called something to the effect of Organic Cleaning and I don’t even know who the reader is, but she is incredibly sarcastic and therefore, funny. One thing that stuck with me as read the book in bed, was that “uncluttered space is more valuable that cluttered space.” [Insert Keanu Reeves saying, “WOOOOAH”] So I am in the process of making my house priceless. I will post the book information in the next few days.

My workout schedule for today was on a short schedule. The Elder had an appointment in downtown knoxville, just a few blocks from my work. We left the appointment real close to noon and so when I was back in my office it was 12:10. I gather my workout stuff and headed up for a good swim.

I had tried to gather some clothes from home, but I couldn’t find any of my running shorts. Not that I would have time to run today, but that I would have them ready for Thursday or Friday. I check in to the Aquatic Center and put my stuff in the locker. I then proceeded to pull out my swim suit, goggles and swimcap. But what comes out instead? Running shorts. Go Figure, they were here the entire time but buried at the bottom of my workout bag. Well, I can now run the streets of Knoxville with some clothe around my loins.

It was 12:25 when I made it out the door and out to the pool. Given the short time to workout, I chose to swim 800 meters as my workout. That turned out to be a good choice. My workout was fast and furious and I even had a chance to work on my horrible flip turn. I think I turned it from horrible to really really bad, but even that is an improvement!

Time from the swim (in 137 meter intervals) were 2:43, 2:57, 3:02, 2:59, 2:58 and 3:11 for a grand total of 17:50 which I believe may be my fastest 822 meter time and 8:42 (the sum of first three intervals) is the fastest for my 411 meter time. Yeah, I know the meters aren’t even but the fact that the long length of the pool is 50 meters and the rest of the world uses meters, I am using meters. If you are metrically challenged, 822 meters is about half a mile and 411 meters is about a quarter mile.

So I am back to having my motivation back. Now to figure out what to do with it and make it useful. I didn’t get to work on my podcast like I wanted to today, but there will be time for that later. Plus, today I had an idea on what the next episode after this one should be, so maybe it won’t be so long between episodes. If I could make it every two weeks, I would be excited!

Also on a side note, the stuff that I sold on eBay, which were all cameras prompted me to open up a new camera that I had tried to sell on eBay a few weeks ago but had no bidders. It’s a Fuji Fine Pix V10 5MP compact P&S camera. I am committing to carrying this camera with me the way that I carried my now defunct (and sold) Minolta Dimage x20 which was all the time. Stella (Canon XT) is not practical to carry around with me all the time, plus I don’t have interesting things like bears to photography in my yard. All our wildlife is either an escaped dog or earthen based. Also, the compact Sanyo that I sold was an okay camera for taking pictures, but more of a chore to use and sloooooo (so slow, that the blog entry ended before it could type the letter “w”)

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