Weekend Update

I had a pretty packed weekend, or at least it seemed that way. I was not on the computer that much (none on Sunday) and didn’t miss it too much. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of computer chores that I needed to get done today and I am not there yet. I am pausing for a little blog update.

Before I left work, I got to meet one of the running elite from the state of Arkansas… Susan from I Run For My Life. Susan and her husband Chasen were traveling to Asheville, NC for the weekend and she contacted me to find out if our schedules would match to meet up.

Susan had asked me for custom programs for her Little Rock Marathon and her (most recent) Soldier Field 10 miler and it was really great to finally met her and her very supportive husband. She did give me a very thoughtful gift which deserves its own blog post.

Friday night is our “date night.” We have Cris (the aupair) watch the kids while we are having fun in each other’s company. So, Friday night we decided to go to Outback to check out their “Gluten-friendly” menu. And yes, the menu is very Gluten-Free, but I wasn’t all that impressed with my steak… I remember them being much more “seasoned”. It was very plain. But while we were waiting for our food, what says date night more than playing Yah-Dice on the Treo (smart phone)?

But after Dinner we went to a place called Irish Times, A new irish pub/restaurant in the Turkey Creek area. This is where the Gluten Free intake ended because in an Irish pub, I have to order something Irish. Now, seeing that I can buy Guiness at the grocery store, I opted for Smithwick’s Brown Ale. Yummy. I also had to perform some EMS to a Guinness that one of the guys bought but couldn’t stomach “the Stout.” The Guinness was saved a warm, down the drain death. And to that accord, my next beverage was a twin brother, I named him “Guinness the Second.” We had a great time at the pub and although the food prices were a little on the high side, it was nice knowing that we could get a “Shepard’s pie” from a restaurant that claimed to be “Irish.” And nothing say date night more than drinking Guinness in an Irish pub listening to people sing Karaoke to Third Eye Blind’s “Semi Charmed Life.” Okay, maybe that one was a stretch.

Drinking a liter of green tea before bed seemed to help prevent any sort of hangover from the dark, heavy stout that I had the night before. What can’t Green Tea do?

Saturday Morning was hanging around the house until an emergency trip to Office Max to get copies made for My Lovely and Talented Wife. I took The Younger out with me, since he enjoys roaming around and is not attached to the TV like The Elder. We also swung by the post office to get stamps and for me to mail one of my Ebay sales, but I couldn’t mail the package and I had to do that today (Monday).

The rest of Saturday is kind of hazy… must have been a bunch of playing with kids and stuff like that. I do know that everyone crashed before I did so I watched the last 1/3 of Pirates of the Caribbean with dreamy Johnny Depp, dreamy Orlando Bloom and the hot Kiera Knightly. Then after that was over, I watched a documentary on the History channel about Buccaneers, which was so much more informative. (Punchline to one of my favorite jokes that involves buccaneers is: On my Buccanhead)

Church… then going shopping to return some stuff at Sam’s, getting some food at an Asian Food Mart, delivering a birthday present, letting the kids play in the pool, trying to clean the grill, getting the kids of of the pool when the thunder clapped, and then the normal Kidlet Nighttime Preparation Operation.

So, that was my weekend. It was pretty busy and this week is shaping up to be action packed as well. So, more on all that stuff later.

I am hoping to have Episode 12 of Gravity@1053 out this week. I will be able to see if all my “pre-editing” audio was worth it. If so, this will help me expedite getting episodes out and it not taking a month to do it!

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