Upcoming Gravity@1053′

I was over at podcast alley voting for some of my favorite running podcasts and I had a comment for June, it was from Drusy asking me if I was going to talk about the WWH training on my podcast.

Man… I am I thick or what… I need some more street smarts! What a great idea to talk about the Small, Medium, Large training programs for the Phedippidations WorldWide Half marathon for which I had the priviledge to create. These programs are coupled with the Advanced Program which was created by John Ellis who is much more knowledgeable than myself when it comes to Elite Runners. He works at the Bill Rodgers Running Center in Boston.

I’m slated to submit my Race Director blurb for Phedippidations about our charity effort that we are including in this year’s event. I hadn’t even thought about talking about the training programs yet… but I should AND I should layout my training program.

So, I am going to start on a script for episode 13 to go out (hopefully) this week. I might have some good time on Thursday to get it done!

Thanks Drusy!

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