Off the Road, On the Road

Just when I get back from Hendersonville, it’s back out on the road again for a couple of days. I’ll be back in Knoxville on Wednesday night and not sure if I will really use the computer all that much while I am away. I will have it with me, so I will check email and that kind of stuff but as for a serious post, ehhh probably not.

However, now that I know that Cronless Postie works, I know that I can text message from my phone and it will be here. I wish that I had a picture phone because C.P. supports images… oh well.

Speaking of Cameras, I have broken out that little FUJI point&shoot. I only have the 16MB xD card that came with it, but I will take pictures of the trip. This trip we (My Lovely and Talented Wife and I) are flying.

I missed Photo Hunters last week (Shoes) and this week it is Hair, so I am hoping that someone at the airport that some freak person will inspire me with Whacked Out cool hair.

It’s a busy first part of the week, with today being packed with 2 doctors appointments and then leaving. Our workshop is 2 days straight, we are leaving from the workshop to get back to Knoxville. There’s not much time to workout. Granted, if I was training for something, I would make time to get some mileage in, but I am not (training) so I won’t (find the time).

I haven’t talked about this in a long time, but thanks to the Bear Whisperer Leesa and My Other Running Brother Darrell for sending me Coke Reward points. I know that I haven’t talked about them much, but I am still collecting them in the hopes that something good will still be available when I get the required number of points. They have redone the whole website to be more visually pleasing and have restocked their rewards. In fact, I wish most of the rewards now had been there in the beginning because some really are nice I would have had enough points to get something nice. Granted, the laptop bag that I got from them had been awesome (and thanks to anyone and everyone who has sent points to me!) but some of the other stuff was “okay” at best. Now they have Nintendo DS, sleeping bags, Much nicer backpacks, etc that are really cool.

okay I am off to the doctor’s office for my (final) recheck on my Rub…

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