Find some Motivation…

Here motivation (whistle)

So, I am writing this entry thinking, “I am lacking motivation, so I will start typing and maybe, just maybe, something will come to me.”

Nothing yet. I lacked enough motivation to not work out today at lunch. And despite the weather being perfect (with a small “p”), I instead got in the car and drove 20 miles out of my way to deposit a check. Granted it was part of Knoxville (South) that I don’t visit often and the views of the mountains were nice. The trip was not very productive. I mean, that’s about $5 in gas that I wasted used for recreational purposes when I could have been running or swimming. Oh well.

Nothing yet. Now, I did run yesterday and I think I found the hill workout that I was looking for in a hill course. This fall, I am going to incorporate specific hill training and was looking for a course that was a challenge and was relatively safe in terms of Knoxville’s crazy maniac suicidal drivers. I think I found it and perhaps I will map out the details at a later date. The only bad thing about it that most of it is on concrete which can be tough on the feet. But if I break out the (salad) dressing and eat these hills at lunchtime, I should be okay. The course is a 3.5 out and back course taking me to the edge of “South Knoxville”.

No big motivation yet… perhaps I need another Diet Coke. As I was driving earlier to nowhere I see this *uh-em* adult shopping store. Now, granted, this isn’t one with just periodicals, it has “Clothing, Wigs, Toys” etc. Of course, “toys” in East Tennessee usually refers to fishing poles and fire arms, but that’s another story. (Okay, starting to feel the fog lifting a little). So on the way back, I have to pass this adult store again… and I *shamefully* start to giggle at the advertisement on the other side of the sign. I do feel bad because I know that there are some people who can’t help it, truly big boned people who aren’t fat and lazy because they think that nutrition comes from the big “M” or other fast food restaurants. The words on the sign: “Lingerie: S – 8X”.

I was 3 for 3 on my eBay items and will ship out the last item tomorrow. I would have sent it today, but a memory card that I thought was in the box was not. Therefore I have to scourge the house tonight looking for it. And more than likely I will put out new stuff next week. Hmmm, I will be traveling next week, so maybe not next week, but the week after next. Anyway, in the near future.

On another note, Petra from Petra’s Still Running was incredibly nice to me and sent me (from England) a Camelbak! Yeah, I was kinda blown away by the offer and getting the package in the mail. But then I put the box away from the kids and it got “lost” for a few weeks. When I opened it up this weekend, so that I could get it ready for the summer months, there was unidentifiable “black stuff” on the inside of one of the tubes. Now, it’s totally my fault for not opening the package earlier and have it air out to prevent mold from growing. So, I have engaged in a multi-stage multi-day project that has involved rubbing alcohol, rope, candles, matches, water and Efferdent. Of course, NOW do I get the crazy idea to go to the CamelBak website… and when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, (but a miniature sleigh)?

Yeah, so now I am going to get my own fancy schmancy cleaning kit! I am pretty sure that if I love the CamelBak (I already like it and haven’t used it yet!) then I will also upgrade to the backpack style and in Pay It Forward Style, sent on to another needy runner! And with that I just ordered my own cleaner.

Okay, so after writing most of this post off and on for the past hour and half, I feel much more like myself and ready to tackle on the world.

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