Digital Camera Artice

Thanks to David-In-Law, for brining this article to my attention. He said that I would be interested and I am interested! Enough that I think it is very important for people to know. And so did a lot of other people by means of the DIGG number!

Digital Cameras: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know [ed. Link Fixed, Thanks Greg!]

Here are my comments:

1)Yeah, and this will drive the price!

2)Digital Zoom=Crap

3)Even American Samoa had AA for a reasonable price!

4)Amen, Brother!

5)But some other companies make good cameras too

6)Easy to use, from picture taking to printing (with the right bundle)

7)Not only will they break, but broken cameras sell on eBay

8)With Memory Prices these days, multiple cards is a No-Brainer!

9)Picasa with webalbums is your one stop: photo archive, minor alterations, web album producer, Flikr uploader…

10) Digital Photo Frames are HOT right now! This way you don’t have to chose with picture to use. Just make sure no boudoir pictures are uploaded (unless you are an exhibitionist… RAOW!)

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