Cut in half

I am just about to set my workout schedule for the mid-summer (although summer just started to day – officially) and fall, and Thursdays was going to be a read/swim day. I can go to the aquatic center, read a running based book and then swim 800 meters. Easy enough to do within my alloted hour.

Today, I was having a terrible time with my breathing during the first 400 meters. I could not get a good rhythm going at all. Seemed that I was a little tired and didn’t feel like I could go on. When I looked at my split times, it was a totally different story. I was swimming fast with times of 2:50, 2:57 and 2:58 for 3 lap intervals. The total time of 8:45 was right on par with a 8:42 (for 422 meters) that I saw on June 6th, but I was about spent; Then it hit me.

Yesterday… I donated blood. Silly how you forget these things! I did the ALYX donation again this time which counts as 2 donations and takes more red blood cells than normal. Here is more about this type of donation. So, Duh, no wonder I didn’t have the drive to go further than 422 meters.

And while I go up to use the bathroom, my calves felt very tired. I had planned on running after work today as a bonus, but I have been stupid in the past it’s probably best to take it easy tonight and not run this evening.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon