Absolut Camelbak

I wrote earlier about the generosity of another running, Petra, who sent me a Camelbak that I misplaced and neglected and when I discovered my mistake, found a colony growing happily inside.

After a number of different attempts at cleaning the inside of the tube, I broke down and bought the cleaning tool made for the Camelbak.

So here is how the mold destruction cleaning went:

First of all, the cleaning tool was sent in a package WAY to big for the package! That’s another post all of its own. Regardless, it came in pretty fast. Fast enough that it was in between our traveling escapades.

By design, the tube cleaner worked great! It scraped the sides of the tube perfectly and was a good investment as it only took me less than five minutes to clean the tube as opposed to my haphazard attempt earlier that took over an hour and did not clean the tube effectively.

For a disinfectant for the inside of the tube and bladder, I wanted to use something that was a little more Terry-Friendly than rubbing alcohol. I wanted to kill any residual mold but not create some sort of toxic mixture of alcohol-laced drink for my runs this summer. I then had an absolut great idea.

ABsolut Camelbak

I had used Vodka to make sweaty things smell better many times before, so why not kill everything inside? Vodka dries fast and removes smells as well. So if there was any residual musty odor, it would be gone to.

So now the Camelbak is ready to go (some assembly required)!

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