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I had two comments from my “Cut In Half” Post that I wanted to address as I am not sure that people often go back and check their comments and my responses, so I am addressing them now:

Marianna Says:Wow, didnít you JUST donate blood recently?? M~

No, it was back on December 15, 2006. Welcome to 2007! ūüėČ

I did want to donate blood as I was eligible on April 6, but because of my pleural rub, I decided to wait until I was healed and healthy.

marathonchris Says: I ran into the blood issue last year. While I was waiting to donate, I asked them people working if I was ok to go running the next day. They acted like they didnít hear me. When I pressed for a answer they said, oh sure, you should be fine.

While running I ran out of steam very quickly and then it dawned on meÖthat perhaps with less blood I was getting less oxygen. I checked it out on the internet and sure enough – it does have an impact. With my training, I donít donate – I need all the oxygen I can get!!

When I have donated at the University Center (Student Union) here on campus, there is a sign that says if you are an athlete and are competeing that day, not to donate.

During marathon training one year, I gave blood and the lady was surprised that my heart rate was at 40. I told her that I was training for a marathon. She then passed on to me (i.e. lectured) that I should donate no sooner than 30 days out from the marathon as to allow my blood levels to get back to normal. I did have a good marathon (my current PR of 4:09) that year.

darrell Says: Donít I recall you having trouble running one other time after you gave blood. Seems like you need some extra recovery days after being a good citizen. Take care.

I’m like a broken clock. You are correct! I know that I need at least a week before a 5k race to get near to form. I think that I don’t take into consideration that I donated the day before when I feel pumped about that days workout!

DPeach Says:Next time you get ready to donate let us know. I donít want to discourage you from doing it. I just want to point you to the archives here so that you will know beforehand how it is going to mess you up.

Good point! Well, I can’t donate for another 16 weeks, so maybe I should see when that will be… Oct 10th. Ehhh, right before the Phedippidations World Wide Half and a month out from my proposed marathon(s). Ugh. However, I can push it back to after December 3rd, when my racing season comes to a close. This would still give me my Super Donor status… not that I need an extra t-shirt, but if I can’t be an elite runner, I can be an elite blood donor.

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