Weekend Update

When you use WordPress, the Admin window is so different from what the blog actually looks like and so, I am wondering… is my theme hard to read. Do you think, oh Terry has a new blog entry but it’s so damn hard to read, I’ll wait a while? I’m curious because I want it to be easy for you, the reader to read, because if it’s hard to read, why bother right? It might just be since that Spring has finally come to Knoxville, I might just be having a Spring Cleaning “thing” going on.

So my weekend seem incredibly fast. Not sure where it went, or if it even arrived. Yeah, it arrived.

Friday Night was Parent’s Night Out at local church. Our Church and this church tag team Parent’s Night Out each month. The church for PNO this Friday just so happens to be our old church that we attended while we were still on that side of town. So we know some of the people still around. But for “our date” we went to Stir Fry Cafe which is a local chain of about 3 or 4 restaurants of different scale. This one is a casual Thai/Asian flair that we enjoy. And what was new on the menu? Sushi… MMMMMmmmm. I could eat Sushi all day long. In fact, my whole diet could be sustained on Sushi, Chocolate, Diet Coke and Beer. But it’s not, don’t worry. So we had some Sushi and Pad Thai noodles. And taking advantage of the fact that My Lovely and Talented wife was driving, I took ownership of some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale as a beverage.

After dinner, we headed to Kohl’s for a little post-dinner shopping. Jen scored a great deal on an ‘over-priced because it’s celebrity’s brand’ faux fur jacket! It was incredibly soft and warm and will be a nice addition for next year’s cold spell. I, unfortunately, didn’t score any cool outfits, maybe next time.

Saturday, the kids had a birthday party to attend… this one at a local gymnastics place. The kids really liked it, especially the cake part where the ate all the icing and then left the chocolate cake for Daddy! Everybody wins.

Sunday, after church we had a Host Family Day for the Au Pairs in our area. At least the au pairs from the company that we used. There were 7 or 8 family’s there and I think the Brazilian au pairs out numbered the other. But we played some games from the au pair’s country. Well, we played Hit the Pinata (Mexico) and the Brazilian form of musical chairs. The kids scored again with more cake and cupcakes… I think whatever ingredients they made the cupcake icing with is the same stuff that it used as the dye in the explosive charges in bank bags. My kids had green tongues and their brown-half-Asian skin was a nice green color. Great for St. Patrick’s day!

So, I guess there was a lot that happened and so now it’s the start of a brand new week.

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