It is a chilly day here in Knoxville. The tempertature says 62 and it’s going to stay on the cooler, enjoyable side for a few days. I guess before Mother Nature cranks the furnace back up and starts the roasting. I can only imagine that the summer heat wave is now going to extend further into the fall.

I had resolved to swapping out my winter sweaters and long sleeved shirts out for the summer garb, but now I am not sure. I would love to have a jacket, oh wait, here’s a jacket I can wear for right now. Okay, so I am a little warming right now.

I did not workout today because I had an appointment that went from 11am until just about 1pm. But doing self-analysis, it seems that I still have no ill effects from working out. I do the soreness that I talked about earlier, but that is only when I try to stretch and find it. If I take a deliberate deep breath, I feel nothing.

I have been planning out my summer months, or rather seeing where and when I and the family will be traveling. Now, we have the classic Mid July excursion to Dallas Texas (YEE-HAW!) that will take about a week. We have a small trip to Hendersonville, Tn in June that will correspond with our Anniversary. No, it’s not for our anniversary, although we will be kidless. Which reminds me: make hotel reservations. Okay Done. We’ll also be taking a trip in August, but on a “Need to Know” basis and I don’t think that anyone “needs to know” at this point. Hey, don’t start crying… you’ll know soon enough!

September doesn’t look like we have any traveling, well, at least at this point. But I am sure that something will get stuck on the schedule.

I am thinking that for our trip to Dallas that I might want to invest in a new lens for Stella. Right now, I only have the lens that she came with and it’s fine for somethings, but I think I need a multi-functional lens that can take decent portrait (or at least close shots) with a little more Telephoto umpf (technical term, sorry). I mean really, if I am going to be capture the Raining Firemen (Check the July ’06 archives), I’m going to need something with a little more power!

Speaking of power, for Star Wars geeks like me, there are only 6 more days to vote for your favorite stamp. Sure the price of stamps have gone up, but they are going to have Star Wars stamps! Right now, Yoda is in the lead for Top Stamp with Vader as a second. The new Yoda, which is actually, the young Yoda, kicks freakin’ ass, but he wasn’t in the Original Star Wars A New Hope, So I would tend to go for someone who has, or at least someone in the Skywalker Family Tree. The website is and you can go vote for yourself.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon