Nothing Organized

My Desk is a mess… it really is right now. Perhaps I should move away from the keyboard and straighten my workspace up like a good little drone. Eh, maybe not.

Gluten (for punishment)
I don’t know all the specific details other than this little ingredient could be a factor in some of the sensory issues that we are having with our (almost) 4yo. It could actually be a factor in some of the (mental) things that affect me, who knows. But we are going to modify our diet on a non scientific experiment in the near future.

Step One: Identify all Gluten containing commodities in our kitchen and line them up for the firing squad removal.

Step Two: Find products here in the U.S. that are naturally Gluten Free.

[Soapbox] Here in America, we are slaves to the marketeers. We are given food that is just so processed, it’s not really even food anymore. Sure it might “technically” still have Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Arsenic, but the chemical combination is so long that you could say supercalifragilisticexpialidous 5 times before you even got to the second word. So, if you want something Chemical Free, Gluten Free, (Cane) Sugar Free… it’s going to not be FREE, but cost you. Let’s take Macaroni & Cheese, a child staple meal… you feel okay buying Kraft, but when find that the store brand (Kroger) is half the price and just as good or better you get all excited because the “Rich & Creamy” is only 39cents regular price but right now it’s on sale for 34cents! But you want to be all earth conscious and love your kids, so you go for the Organic M&C, well, that’s a kick in crotch… sure you don’t like it but the 99cents to save the Earth you can take one for the team from time to time, you just won’t buy that $1.29 Diet Coke today and it will even out the cost some. But if you want an Organic, Gluten Free, Wheat Free M&C… you just need to hand over the first born who is going to be eating it anyway because at $1.99, you are going “No Way!” Just like when you saw the 5 lb bag of M&Ms for the first time at Sam’s Club… it’s inconceivable. Luckily, we don’t have acute allergies to anything, so this is something we are choosing to do, but those whose kids are allergic… even with some cross-contamination, like the warning on my 100 Grand candy bar “Made in a plant that processes Wheat Gluten”… this is just sad, sad, sad that you have to take a second mortgage just to go to the grocery store. [/soapbox]

So here are some of the items that are going on “a little vacation” from our kitchen.

We will transition to Gluten free and then see how we feel and if it really is something that we need to be conscious of or if we can go back to eating stuff like bread and (regular) pasta. But for now, we’ll be investing in products like these to satisfy our craving for bread, cakes and chocolate chip cookies…

Adult Swim

No, not the Cartoon Network programming… although they have some great shows on there that I enjoy when I am up that late.

No, I swam today without 100 kids swimming and gunking up the pool. I couldn’t decide what type of workout to do, so I just did about 800 meters (18 laps) and called it a day. I think that tomorrow I am going to run and Friday try a brick workout (if you don’t know what that is, I will explain it when I do it).

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to calculate my Heart Rate ranges from what I collected on yesterday’s run. There are a few different ways and I think I might just go with’s online version because it’s really easy!

But the swim went fine today, no real problems.

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