Maximum Overdrive

It looks like I am not going to get everything done before I leave for work. So this will have to be a digest blog entry, else it won’t be posted until it’s boring and irrevalant.

Today’s workout was new attempt at finding my Maximum heartrate (MHR). Your MHR, is one tool that you can use to maximize training. There are a few methodologies that use the heart rate as the barometer of your fitness and the guide for your workout intensity. [DIGEST VERSION] My max heart rate from today’s workout was 187 bpm. I know that a few years ago it was 192bpm, so I am thinking that it’s about 188-190bpm or so. I am going to use this as ONE tool for the fall training cycle.

I witness a cool battle of nature. My University Office window has a wire mesh to the window to prevent people from breaking and stealing stuff. But it makes a perfect place for spiders to set up shop and “hangout”. Today a shiny iridescent wasp-like creature came in and bumped into a spider’s web. The spider went down and a battle ensued. It looked like the wasp had stung the spider, but the spider looked like it was getting the wasp’s face tangled in a web. I sat mesmerized thinking, “Oh, this will be great to blog.” No, I don’t have pictures, I was on the phone. [DIGEST VERSION] The wasp made it’s way out of the wire mesh and flew away with the spider. No APBs have come through on the scanner on the wasp.

Had a picture taken of me in the river with my kids this past Sunday… let’s just say that I need some work on the ole belly. I could not believe how yucky-icky it looked. I think that half of the problem was my freaking posture. If I stood with my back straight that would help. So, I think that it’s time to get some more stomach exercises going. No, I’m not looking to get the six pack abs like Mark Wahlburg, where you could do your laundry on his abs… although I think some of you might volunteer for that chore, where it ever made available. I’ll upload the picture so that I can either embarrass myself even more, motivate me for a wonderful “after” picture… now I know that I am not a “big boned” person and we can get into the whole psychology of it later… let’s just leave it that the picture made a statement.

I know there is more, but it will just have to wait…

No Wasp Sightings yet, but there is this great Web for sale, slightly used with a great view…

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