Despite the signs

I have been living a sedentary life for the past month, enough that when the forces of nature granted me the option of working out today, I waivered on whether I should even do it. I was debating myself on should I stay at my desk and get computer stuff done or should I either swim or run.

The fact that I hadn’t decided whether I would swim or run was probably what was making me waiver. On one hand, I didn’t want to run for fear that it would flair The Rub again, but I didn’t want to swim because of the line of rain that was heading into our area.

I managed to get my lazy ass out of my chair and check to see if I even had enough workout clothes here at my desk to warrant walking up to the Aquatic Center and working out. Okay, we had enough clothes for either a run or a swim and we had enough toiletries so that we wouldn’t stink afterwards. Okay, so a workout it was!

Before I left, I checked the weather and the first line of storms had passed and the other one was still far enough off. I thought that swimming would be a better workout to choose since, if anything happened, there is a lifeguard right there. Great minimalistic thinking, right?

So the skies are gray and yet, I’m planning to get pretty much naked and perform an activity that requires a pretty sufficient workout of my lungs. I can think a few other activities that would be less dangerous, but I digress…

While in the locker room, a wave of procrastination engulfs me and while I am getting my bathing suit, I feel the urge to inventory everything in my workout bag:
5 shorts
2 Short sleeved shirts
1 long sleeved shirt
4 socks
goggles, swimcap
and everything else that I need

Okay, that was 3 minutes that would have been better spent working out. As I walking out of the aquatic center, I see them changing the lanes from Short to Long, I stop and think, “Do I see this as a sign? or a test?”

I figured that I should at least see what was going on, since there were still a few short lanes open. I could, perhaps, get a couple of laps in before they kicked us out. Yup, there were a few lanes open and there would be enough time to get the laps done. So splish splash, into the pool I went.

I ended up swimming 400 meters, or about a 1/4 mile. I wasn’t able to do it continuously and had to stop periodically because I was out of shape, I could even feel my stomach cramping and I am thinking what a chore running is going to be as I train my body again on being a runner. *sigh*

I can say that my “Rub” area didn’t bother me at all during the swim. But I can’t say that it is not irritated right now. It’s a little sore, or rather a touch tender in that area of the Rub, but it’s not really a bother. I will see how tonight and overnight goes before I try to make any call on what I should do doctor wise… not like he’s going to do anything at this point except take my copay to the bank.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon