Customer Service: Starbucks

Here’s the letter (or really form submission) that I sent to Starbucks about my most recent visit while in Louisville:

I am writing to say that I recently had the best and worst experience at a Starbucks. Here is my story.

Wanting a late afternoon pick-me-up, it was no-brainer that a White Chocolate Mocha would do the job. The question was whether it would be a Grande or a Venti. I walked into a very clean and bright store and given the time of day, there was only one customer quietly reading the newspaper. I walked up to the counter to order my drinks. The employee was incredible friendly and greeted me with a smile. I proceeded to order 2 drinks: WC Mocha Grande and a Coffee Of The Day Grande.

The beverages were made promptly and ready quickly. I asked the employee, since it was Kentucky Derby Week, about events that were going on in the area. We spent about 5-10 having a pleasant conversation about what was going on and even suggested a few of the local papers for a list. It was one of the best Employee/Customer conversations that I have ever had. I was so impressed when I left I wanted to write to Corporate to sing the praises of this location. You won’t know what the opinion is of the average Starbuck’s customer if we don’t tell you directly. It’s our responsibility to tell you what is good or bad, what we like or dislike.

The WC Mocha was perfect. It had the same exact taste and consistency as any other White Chocolate Mocha anywhere in the country. The Coffee of the Day that I got for my wife wasn’t so good. In fact, it was terrible. I took a sip and just pushed the coffee toward the middle of the conference table. This coffee was so weak, so very weak. It almost tasted like it was 1/4 coffee and 3/4 water. It was bad and not salvageable. Unfortunately, we had to leave Louisville after the meeting, I could not return to the store not to complain but to inform. Just because my coffee was bad, it didn’t mean that others didn’t have to be.

I am sure it was an anomaly and when I go back to Louisville in the near future I am going back to that Starbucks, just for Customer Service alone. Sure, one of your competitors is very convenient being in the same hotel that I am staying in and sure, I have to walk out of my way to get it. But I would rather walk to get great customer service by someone who is passionate about where they are.

I am confident that had I known the coffee tasted bad at the store that I would have been taken care of right there, right then, no questions asked. No doubt in my mind.

Thanks for reading.

DANG! I meant to write that I was blogging this letter as well… [BEEP]

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