Before I go run

There were a couple of comments on Yesterday’s “34 not 35” post that I wanted to respond and I thought were worthing posting so that everyone would see them:

From DPeach over at Missionary Talks:

You really need to learn to slow down. There is nothing shameful about running a 10 minute mile if that is what you need to do.

I know! I warned myself at least 3 times while running, “This is too fast, this is too fast.” But it must be my inner teenager throwing caution to the wind. And I am a little sore today as a result. I can only slow when I am pacing someone, which is why sometimes, I seek out others that I think (or know) are slower than me and run with them.

From Ms. E over at Redhead Educator:

Why would you toss your 30 lbs kid in the pool? You are just sick and twisted, but I like that in a friend. Wait till he gets his own lawyer.

Technically, I tossed him in the air, only catch him before he went totally underwater. The whole, “I am the parent, I have total control over you” thing. He’s either going to get a lawyer or the space aliens are going to suck his brains out when turns 13 and I become the dumbest person on the planet. I hear that lasts until about 20 when the space aliens return the brain and then I become “not so dumb after all”.

So, as predicted I am sore today. It’s not limping bad. It’s not post marathon, stairs are evil bad. It’s you ran too fast yesterday bad. So, I will start out slow today and try to find some hills to give them a good work out. I would like to keep my pace down to 9:45-10:00, so we’ll see how that works. I am going to record for Gravity@1053 today and hopefully get something out this week.

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