Another day of

Not running. It is fast approaching the date where it will have been one calendar month April 16th to May 16th in which I have not run even a half a mile. What is this world coming to! The end is coming, the end is coming.

As I was chatting with one of my friends about running shoes today, I can’t help but think that, if nothing else from my lack of running that my shoes will last a little longer than normal. So there is some positive out of all this “rubbing – non running” stuff I have been doing.

So my running spring is shot. My summer is not looking good. I am almost thinking about not running any race until August when I do the Scholar’s Run in Maryville, TN. There are a few races around here, but really, I’m justing going to be paying the entry fee just to run. I’ve run these races before and so there is no mystique to them. Although Fireball 5k (July 3rd) usually has a great T-shirt. Well, I did “lose” $20 on a race that I was signed up for but thanks to the The Rub poking out it’s face again and saying “HEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO”, I DNSed (Did Not Start) the race. It wasn’t a total loss because all the profits of the race goes directly to the Tennessee School for the Deaf and that’s a cause that I enjoy supporting! I did check the race results for this race and even if I had run close to my PR time, I still would have finished 4th in my age group and had I run my average race I would have come in 5th-6th anyway… so there’s always next year’s race.

As I mentioned before with not having time to do everything that I want, I have changed my Filkr badge over on the left to a different set. I am finding that Flikr Uploadr is so incredibly easy. It’s as easy as making Web Albums with Picasa! Technology these days!! So, what I think I will do is ditch any attempt at keeping some sort of photoblog, but using Flikr as a photo archive. I’m even thinking about ‘Going Pro’ as well. No, that won’t change my Pimp status or anything like that, it just means that with Flikr, I will have more options, space, etc. I think most of you have the Pro Flikr anyway, so I’m just doing that to fit in… oh wait, this isn’t high school. As for right now, free is good.

I better get my stuff together so that I can leave work on time…

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon