Too much on my plate

It seems that I have put way too much on my plate… With volunteering for races, running races, blogging, podcasting, kids, wife, dog, photography, computers, etc… it’s just been too much and too much to think about. So, I need to prune a few things, so that I can be a healthier tree.

The first thing to go is the podcasting. I haven’t had enough time to really put anything together for my own podcast like I thought I would… but what I can do, is make “guest appearances” and other contributions to other podcasts as requested and as I can do them. But for my own full-blown podcast, Gravity@1053, it’s on hiatus. Granted, there may be times when I can crank out an episode, but it’s not going be on a regular schedule.

Photography, yes, even this needs to be pruned down… it has been encompassing my brain and taking up valuable space. In fact, there was Staples contest that I was going to do, but thought the deadline was 3/31, but it was 3/15… Grrr. Instead of trying to make something on my photography, I need to nurture it. I will still play PhotoHunters, but I won’t be able to commit to the 365Days like I wanted… I still want submit pictures here and there, but it will be a little sporadic, I’ve missed Fri, Sat and Sun so far… bleh.

Running, I’m least flexible to change this one. The compromise I am willing to make is it to not run as many races. I’ve already cut down the number of races that I have run by alot anyway from past years. Now, I need to trim it down even more. So, I won’t run Spring Sprint nor Trideltathon. I still plan to run Run for the Deaf and Expo 10k. I’m still on board with running the Quad Cities Marathon, but I am going to feel really guilty.

Blogging, is fairly under control. I blog when I can, on what I can. I comment on blogs when I can, but don’t stress out too badly if I get a couple days behind. Plus, I can start writing posts and continue them at a later date, even from a different computer.

So I’ll try this and see I have to cut back even more…

About planet3rry

I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon