Photo Hunters: Rare

This Week’s Theme: Rare

This is a Rare shot for two reasons. One, there are not a lot of pictures of the inside of the container building in a Nuclear Reactor. Two, the chance NOW to even be in this room is rare, not that it wasn’t when I was there in 2001.

What you are looking at is the covered opening of where the nuclear fuel would be stored if this nuclear reactor was fully operational. Bellefonte was a nuclear facility that was about 90% complete before they stopped production on it.

My wife was an employee for TVA for a number of years, when her and her team went on this tour, I was excited to be able to participate. After all I have a nuclear engineering degree (don’t worry I don’t wear a pocket protector) and this was a chance to tour a nuclear plant and be in normal clothes.

Where this an active nuclear power plant, I would have not been in shorts, I would also have been in a rather significant radiation field as well. Also, the silver covering would have been removed, fuel been inserted and a dome covering on top would be there to collect the super compressed hot water. In very simple terms, the goal of a coal plant or a nuclear plant is to boil water somehow to turn a turbine, it’s just different scenarios.

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