Uh-Au Pair

Okay, everything was fine and dandy until Monday with getting our Au Pair here. When she went to the U.S. Embassy for her VISA and was denied. What this means is that she is down but not out. She can go for a second interview, but the success rate of getting your Visa in a second interview is not that great. Also, if she doesn’t get the Visa in the second interview she has no chance of being an Au Pair in the U.S.

So now labeled a “crisis” family, we have a few options. One is to send a letter on her behalf to the Brazil Embassy and hope for the best, the other is to search for another Au Pair Candidate, either one already in the US or one coming to the US.

Our intention is help our Au Pair with a letter, but have starting looking to get a feel for what is out there. At best, we’d get our Au Pair, April 19th as opposed to April 5th or May 10th, if we have to match with someone out of country. Now, if we matched with an in-country Au Pair, we could have one as early as tomorrow, but would not get her for the full year.

So any prayers or positive thoughts you can send our way would be appreciated. We are specifically looking for a quick interview date and an interviewer at the embassy that will have compassion and grant the Visa during the second interview!

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