Shaking Hand with the Doubter

“Can’t shake the Devil’s hand and say you are only kidding”
Don’t Let’s Start by They Might Be Giants (I wrote this in pledge’s books at the conclusion of the interview)

So I have met my Dreamer. But I also met my Doubter. During a different visualization technique during the seminar, we welcomed our Doubter to come out. Now, it’s very easy to hear your Doubter loud and clear. The Doubter loves to use things such as logic and reason as sharp weapons to burst your Dream Bubble. The Doubter brings on the calvary when it can summon the forces of other Doubters in defeating Your Dream. And it doesn’t take much!

The Dreamer: I want to be a photographer
The Doubter: You don’t have a camera and they cost money
The Dreamer: I can ask for one for my birthday or Christmas, they are getting cheaper each day
The Doubter: The need accessories and there are too many to chose from
The Dreamer: It will be fun to shop for accessories…
The Doubter: Accessories cost money and good lenses are over $1000
The Dreamer: Oh yeah, right.
The Doubter: You don’t have anyone to take pictures
The Dreamer: I have the kids…
The Doubter: They won’t pay you. There are so many other people out there much more talented to you.
The Dreamer: I can take good pictures.
The Doubter: Yes, from time to time a good one here and there, but people will be counting on you to take good pictures all the time.
The Dreamer: Well, I can practice.
The Doubter: When are you going to do that? You have to work, the kids, the wife, running, when are you going to fit THAT in?
The Dreamer: well, it would be fun to be photographer, I guess… if I could.

And that was without any help from any other Doubters. So, what does the mental image of my Doubter look like? Well, at first I didn’t think I was going to see it. Everything was just very dark. But then I saw movement, a little here and a little there. It was a few seconds before I realized that the darkness WAS The Doubter!

While my Dreamer was a formed tall man of fire, the Doubter was a shapeless form of darkness. Almost like a Blackity-black moving around in a sea of dark dark gray. Like my Dreamer, it said nothing and didn’t have any distinguishing feature about it, but it seemed huge! It’s like it took my whole vision, which I think is why I didn’t recognize that anything was there at first.

I will admit that my Doubter has more of a control over me and most of that is that because I let it. Only the past few years, and more like, the past few months have I really been giving my Dreamer more energy and more weapons to fight the Doubter.

One thing that the Doubter uses is strategy. In the workshop, the a very potent dream killer was going to strategy too early. Basically, you give the Doubter too much power and the dreamer has no chance. It is similar to a chicken egg, a dream is birthed (as an egg). If something happens to the egg such as being taken by the farmer or eaten (The Doubter), the egg never has a chance to grow and hatch into a chick (The Dream). So when the Doubter starts putting in strategy (how am I going to buy a camera, how am I going to buy lenses) he’s trying to steal the egg.

Strategy does have it’s time and place, but not at the beginning of the dream!

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