More tuna, less fun

What I thought would only take part of the morning, carried on until the afternoon. Now this is great if it’s Happy Hour, or being naked with the significant other, it’s not so great when it’s with tuna reports… bleh.

“No, I think you mean tentacles”
I’m happy to know that stories certain parts of my anatomy entertain you. But common, I do have a brain 😛

“Around my world in 365days”
So I get this email from “It’s My Law” Leesa saying that she insists that I play 365days “with us”. Yeah, that “with us” is the scary part. Is it the “with us” that goes into the big communal room only to have some tasty Kool-aid? Or is the “with us” that says “I do this all the time, watch this…”. Could be… you never know with that crazy chick. But the “With Us”, she was referring to was her and the Never-Too-Embarrassed Stacie. They and a thousand other people (maybe even you) are playing in a little thing called 365Days over on Flikr. In a nutshell, you are the photographer and you take a picture of yourself everyday for 365 days… clever title huh. I could either detail everything here and you drift away to sleep, or you can just go here and check it out for yourself. I will either have my first picture tonight or tomorrow, depends on my free time tonight.

Another Flikr Fun Foto group that you can join is 365Pictures, which is taking (at least) one picture a day in the world around you. As far as I know, only “love-Italian Style” Greg is the only person (I Think) I know who is playing. Check out his recent batch of pictures.

“Blame it on Rio”
Just a few miles down south of Rio de Janeiro in the small (11 million people) city of Sao Paulo, is our Au Pair. I realized that I never formally announced us matching with an Au Pair, but we ended up with the one that we had wanted. Knoxville-Sao Paulo, perhaps a little culture shock. So, she’s arriving in early April and she’ll be living with us starting the 5th… for 365 days, oh wait 366 days, since it’s a leap year.

“March on Soldier”
So what do marathoners do when they finish their race. They mourn. No, really, there is a thing called the Marathon Blues… and right before the marathon is Taper Madness. Now you know why runners are certifiably crazy, other than the fact that we like moving around bending our knees for crazy distances.

Well, new marathon Mrs. I Run for My 5:38 Life Susan found her quick fix to get out of the marathon blues… find another race. That’s right, your brain hasn’t forgotten the marathon, but 10 miles sure sounds like a whole lot short than a marathon. 10 miles can’t be that bad. So, we have already established that she’s crazy because she runs, but then I get an email asking for a training program for the Soldier Field 10 miler on May 26th. COO-COO!!!

Of course, I am calling the kettle black (“black“), since I said, according to my memory “HELL YEAH!!!” So I am in the process of penciling a 10 mile training program for her to use and have her marathon training as a base to propel her to the finish line. I realized yesterday that I should put the pdf files of the training programs in case anyone else wanted to become a lunatic run a marathon.

“It’s a No-Go”
My race on Saturday is a No-Go! Babysitting did not hold, so my dreams of running a 5k race vanished. Eh, no big deal. I will work something out.

“The Doubter”
I had planned on being done with all the tiny particulars with my report by this morning, but Noooooooo… it had to take longer. In fact, I worked on it non-stop all through lunch as well (so, no swimming). My original plan was to get the Doubter post uploaded for this afternoon, so it will be either tonight (Wednesday) or Thursday sometime before it’s up.

[ed. note: I see that I had to come up with cute little descriptors for people today… ]

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