Jackie Chan 5k and Different Strokes

So, I had asked Mike with the Bike a movie question since he is the Movie Man… Check out his movie review site here.

Well, he sends me a few movies to consider… then he sends me another movie that I might like because of some of the “running” scenes in it. He then sends me a link to a You Tube video highlighting some of the stuff in the movie.. and I am like “How Freakin’ Cool” “What the… oh my…No Way!” and I showed the video to my wife and she said “What the… oh my… No Way!”

All I can say is that if Jackie Chan had a 5k, this would be the course

Thursday (The Different Strokes reference) I went swimming at lunchtime. Apart from it being a little cold at first and that my triceps are a little sore Friday. It was nice… a good half mile… I think that I am going to start doing some brick workouts (run & swim) in the near future. I have on my list do two sprint triathlons (less than Olympic Distance) this late spring and summer and so the training would be good preparation. One of my goals is to complete a half-ironman, but first I need to see what the Olympic Distance would do to me… and so, I practice with the sprint distances.

Friday with the kids was fun. We ended up doing quite a bit! Running around like mad men. We even made it to a park and I took some pictures, silly me, I had it set on total manual and didn’t take into account that the camera’s setting and took them with little aperture setting… great effects, but sooo…. amateurish:

oh well…

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