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Short Work Day today. I am going to go get Jen’s aunt from the airport. She is going to watch the kids while we are in San Diego. We had tried to patchwork babysitters for the kids for the time that we’ll be gone, but because of the Spring Break of local community college, all of our babysitters were unavailable. So, instead of leaving me home, it turns out that we could fly in Tita (aunt in Tagalog) Fely and she could watch the kids Friday through Tuesday. She’ll actually stay a little longer until Jen’s parents come to pick her up.

The San Diego trip, if I didn’t mention it before, is a conference with the lady that spoke at a Leadership event that we attended back in January. My Lovely and Talented Wife was very

[and now back to the post]

I had to leave quick yesterday because I had to go get Tita Fely from the airport, but before that, I had to drop off my recyclables and vacuum out my car before getting to airport. I parked and as I was walking into the airport, I saw her walking out of security, what great timing! Her bags showed up in no time and we went home.

Last evening we had to go to a viewing ceremony for Jen’s boss when she was at TVA. He passed away (at 54) of cancer this past weekend. Technically, he was my boss to for a summer when I was my wife’s intern at TVA. It was nice to see some of her coworkers that we had not seen in a couple of years, just not under these circumstances.

So back to the conference… We are driving to Nashville (I’ll wave to Rae and Brent… Hi guys!) to fly to San Diego Friday morning. The conference is going to be Saturday and Sunday to help develop your dreams and help actualize how to make them come true. I am going to apply these to my running and photography and see where we go from here. This is something that I think I could see myself being the speaker in front of hundreds of people. But you know that I’ll share some of the material with you all. Oh, and for the record… were I to ever be a speaker of any sort (and had control), I would make sure that you all would get complimentary tickets (or whatever). If, I mean, when I write book (it’s on my list to do before I die), I’ll make sure your copy is signed… maybe with a flammable ink, so that it’d make great kindling. (haha – man I crack myself up sometimes…don’t worry, day job stays intact.)

Okay, Terry, focus. Uhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhh… oh yeah. Yesterday was a good rest day for me. I don’t have any soreness or any crazy weird pains going on from the speedwork on Monday. Today, I wanted to run tempo, 4 to 5 miles, but it’s yucky-icky (technical weather term) outside and there is a lot of green (rain) still heading our way. Given the fact that I probably won’t be able to work out, logistically until Sunday Morning, I need to do something today. Perhaps, I will swim today, if I don’t want to brave the weather… we’ll see

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