Gitten Geeky Wit It

For those of you who use dayplanners and that kind of stuff, you will (hopefully) sympathize with me when I tell you that yesterday I had left it home. I was flying by the seat of my pants on what I needed to do and who I needed to call… I was feeling anxious and a little overwhelmed. But I knew that one of my tasks was to print new book pages.

See, I make my own Date Planner… From cover to cover. It’s all 100% Planet3rry! I use Excel, Publisher and Word to make my book and I print out 4 weeks at a time every month.

Excel is my calendar, I have used the same Excel format for almost 7 years now. I can track a number of things, such as my daily mileage which, through the help of lots of formulas, tracks my monthly and yearly totals. I track my time at work and use color coding for different event (e.g. blue is running, maroon is family, etc.). I have it set up to Duplex on each other so that it can fit the 8.5×5.5 format.

Publisher holds the “meat” of the planner. It’s my daily page format, the cover, note pages, etc. I have Publisher print to Acrobat because it puts it in the 8.5×5.5 format and in booklet form as well.

I use Word to take my exported contacts (from my email client) in .csv format and use a mail merge into a Word document. I want to see if Publisher can do this because in Word, there is some data manipulation to get it to print correctly. I only print this off like every 6 months or so…

So after everything is printed, it’s cut, then I have one of those Comb binding machines that I use to bind everything together and Walla, a Planet3rry Plann3r that is out of this world! “The Geek is Strong with this one”

So, when I got home and found my planner, I had inadvertantly done almost 6 things on my list! SAH-WEET-TAH! I was happy… Of course not all the important stuff was done, but most of it!

So today is my Wife’s Rolling Rock birthday. If you don’t know what a Rolling Rock birthday is just go here. It’s really only practiced by me since Rolling Rock is my favorite Mass Marketed beer. There are a lot of close seconds, but if I had to chose one… it’s this one!

Anyway, back to the story… My wife had asked me to make a cake for her meeting today, so that she could share and so I was certainly most willing to make a cake for her. I get to be a Knave in the kitchen and whip up some delightful treat for her, to remind her that she’s a year older and on the right side of the turf. Well, I wasn’t going to be shortchanged, after all… it’s like near my half-birthday, my un-birthday if you will, so I’m going to make one for the house.

So that’s what I did, I made 2 cakes… Yay for me! Now, I am don’t have the skillz that John has on making some bad-ass cakes. Nor do I have “The Gift” on making “untouchable” cakes...

So this picture is not some astronomical picture of the surface of one of the minor moons of Jupiter, no, this is the spongy surface of delectable goodness

I knew that the frosting recipe that I have makes more than enough for one cake and so I took the rest of the frosting and frosted half of the second (home) cake. And this morning I picked out some appropriate pink frosting to “try” to do some writing. The most stressful part will be making sure that I don’t misspell something like “Happy”!

And since I had Stella out, I became a little inspired and so I broke open a bottle of wine and took a couple of pictures, the best of which I will put here…

I do have a few more things, perhaps I should put them on a sticky note so I won’t forget… topics include: The Jackie Chan 5k and Different Strokes hopefully

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