Sam, in last post’s comment wanted to know: “Call me an idiot but where’s the cologne in here, or am I really just an idiot?

And the answer is: No, you are NOT an idiot. The lack of oversight of the writers of this blog are to blame and they shall immediately be sacked.

So, let me share the “Broken Cologne” part that was excluded from the last post.

When I went to workout yesterday, it was my intention to run 5 miles. When I want to accomplish this, everything under the sun needs to line up in sync with each other so that when I return from lunch, I am only 10 minutes late. Yesterday, I left a little late, but not deal-breaker late. I hastily walked to the aquatic center and checked-in. Nothing bad here, but then I started to adorn my running attire.

As I was putting my toiletry bag in my locker, the bottle of pretty water that I use rolled out and took a 4′ suicide drop. The bottle, landing oddly, on the thick base, broke into chunks. Shards went flying all over the place… and so my hazardous waste cleanup training kicked in! First, I donned a Tyvek suit… oh no wait, that didn’t happen. Okay, so I went to go find a broom and dustpan… boring. Given the fact that everyone in there doesn’t wear shoes, I needed to sweep up the glass ASAP. I was lucky that the shower facility was in a Monday lull and that it was pretty quiet. I was able to clean up the glass (and some dirt and trash as well) without any cause for alarm.

By the time the hazardous material was clean, it was well past my normal time to leave mark and so I changed my plan from running 5 miles to just 4 miles and from being 10 minutes late to only being 5 minutes late.

Another small blessing was that the amount of cologne still in the bottle was minimal and so even though it was the best smelling clean up job, it wasn’t overpowering. I’ll replace the cologne with a new bottle, or rather a new-older bottle of stuff from home. Even after a shower, I still need to smell purddy.

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