I found out this morning that there might be a slight chance that I could run the Catch the Leprechaun 5k tomorrow morning. A sudden change in scheduling might allow me to make it to the race and score some pre-9am beer! As Sheryl Crow says in All I Wanna Do “I like a good beer buzz early in the morning”, so we will see. It would be nice to do, but I am not holding my breath.

On a weather related note, it’s chilly again (45F) after our 77F weather just two days ago. It’s also overcast and I contemplating what I want to do today. Should I run or swim?


I ended up running at lunch time today. And I ran a tempo pace for 4 miles. My thinking was that I would run a tempo run that would either act like a warmup for the race in the morning or it would complement a longer run in the morning. We’ll have to see…

Crap, I just did something really stupid! I just looked at the race results for last years CTL race. My best guess at my 5k time is a 24:01 (7:45 pace). This would have put me #6 in my age group out of 15. So knowing that a good showing could put me in the top 5 of my age group, I would be inclined to go out fast and furious and if I did this I might get4th place or 3rd place (given last year’s time). So I dunno…

My March Madness bracket has taken a couple of hits, but still okay… As of my typing, only 1 of my Sweet 16 teams is out (Duke). Looks like UT and UVa are going to play against each other… I’m torn.

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