What tuna tidbit should I share today? Hmmm… how about 50% of the US Supply of canned tuna is from imports (Thailand, Philippines and Ecuador).

Today was so beautiful, but it didn’t start out that way. A huge rain storm passed through our area today and left some stuff called “rain” on the ground. Once the storm had passed, the temperature quickly rose to over 50F and now (at 3:45) is around 64F… ah sweet spring. In fact we had some song birds this morning at the house before the storm.

It would have been an even better day if I could have enjoyed the weather by running in the warm air. But alas, I had tuna and tuna accessories to work through lunch. Bleh. And tomorrow I am at an appointment during lunch so that doesn’t work either. I could run on the treadmill on Thursday night, but I want to work on my podcast.

Yeah, that podcast thing. I was able to work on it some on Monday and even tried a new editing regiment. I think I am going to have to move to an easier recording method to make it easier to edit the core of the show. I really enjoy my podcast, but the editing is so involved that it gets neglected by other things as my kids, wife and blog. But it’s not dead.

I don’t have much else… sorry.

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