trippin on acid with Dick Vitale

I like bean burritos from Taco Bell
I like trippin on acid with Dick Vitale

“Trippin’ With Dick Vitale” – The Polyfuse Method – Kid Rock

Today was the first day all year that I ran in short sleeves outside. Sure enough the temperature rose to a balmy 54F at lunch today and I took an easy stroll around campus on a new route (2.9 miles). And you all with be very proud of me, that my planned easy pace run, STAYED an easy pace run. Or at least it felt really easy even though it was an average pace of 8:36 miles. I wasn’t sore from my speed work yesterday, although my (previously injured) left hamstring felt a tad bit tight.I chose a different course today because I wanted to see if there was any fanfare on tonight UT vs Florida Men’s NCAA Basketball game. Currently, UT is undefeated at home this year and Florida is coming off of 2 straight losses, the most recent to a stinky LSU team. Dick Vitale is in da howze (Thompson Boling Arena) for the game and Pat Summit is suspected of repaying men’s headcoach Bruce Pearl some zany wacky encouragement from a women’s game where Coach Pearl came topless. Not sure if Coach Summitt will come topless, but rumors are she will be dressed in a cheerleader outfit.

When I went by, there was nothing! What a let down because I knew there had been students camping out the student section doors since 5:30am Monday. Eh, oh well, I’ll follow the game tonight on the internet if I can’t catch it on TV.

Despite being on campus, I was able to fashion a route that didn’t have monster hills. And I liked the easy, lazy (as in making up a new route) of today’s run after yesterday’s strategic planned speed work out. I’ll take tomorrow as a rest day and Thursdays will either be Tempo or Hill workouts depending on scheduling for that week.

On a photography note, I polished off my Flikr and Shutterchance websites. I have been motivated by Leesa’s recent offers on her work that I needed to set my sites up and get my stuff online so people can see it. Here’s Leesa’s Flikr page. If you happen to discover Leesa’s work from this site and purchase something, let her know, I do get a kick back… okay, no I don’t…

Okay, I should just come out and say that the Princess Almighty Leesa is my photography mentor, I want to be like her when I grow up. Maybe I’ll just be president of her fan club 🙂 Sometime ago, I was using Pixlepost for a photoblog and liked it, I had close to 300 pictures on there and I had like 683,778 visits. Unfortunately less than 100 of them were friends and people not trying to sell me viagra or visit websites with fetishes that even people who get nervous buying KY would blush. So, I shut it down. It’s deleted. Then, [trumpets sound] Leesa blogged about this new site and it looked like something that would be what I wanted without the headache. So, I tried it and like it… and it sat with 2 pictures for 2 months. Today, I uploaded some new pictures and will continue to put new stuff on there. It has an RSS feed, so you can toss that in your reader and new pictures will magically appear (each day) thanks to the power of the internet. The site is here:

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