The elusive fox

The fox is still rest comfortably. I believe that the Noble woman knows not of the hunt. One day…

Thanks to all of you who liked the entry, a little background about the song is that was the first song that we danced to… oh those many years ago.

I have taken 2 days in a row of not running. I will go out tomorrow and bend the legs a couple of times, maybe 3 miles? eh, we will see. The heater in the office is broken and we might get heat tomorrow… Might. Now, it’s not Montana cold nor is it Killeen cold, but it’s jusssst right.

The forecast for my race is a high of 38 with snow showers possible! Which is not unlike last year’s race… so we will see. The Great Smoky Mountains play havok with the weather here and a forecast on Saturday is not all that accurate. Remember that HUGE weather system? Well, it broke apart right before it go to us. Credit the weather people… we did get rain, but it was more like a moist coating than any real amount of rain and given the high temperatures (mid 30s) it was all rain and no snow. So, as I ramble on about the weather, because I have nothing on content tonight, that the snow might have a chance to stick since the past couple of days have been below freezing and the high tomorrow is 38F, which means that it will really be 31F.

Pa-Pa and J-lo have left the building and now we have the house to ourselves. Tomorrow we have our Date Night in conjuction with Parent’s Night Out at our church. In conjunction with PNO, we are participating in the 10 Great Dates (Arp) program and tomorrow is the first official date. So what are we doing? Coming back to the house to unclutter and throw shit stuff away

* * *

I didn’t even get to finish my post last night. Goodness Gracious! At any rate, I better do a little work. Perhaps after my run today, I will have more thoughts in my head than the cost of tuna.

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