Short Time, Much Content

Notice: This blog has been compressed for time.

Au Pair Search:
Have I read enough essays this weekend. Sometimes more than once. Seen lots of pictures and reading over references. We had two phone calls: One to Thailand and One to Brazil. I’m not exactly sure where to start, mainly because you don’t want need a blow-by-blow account of the recruiting process. We have been in email contact with people from Ecuador, Brazil, Turkey, Slovakia, Thailand and Japan. The guy we wanted from Japan was taken before we could call. The girl from Thailand that was one of our top prospects, that we called, was taken before we could “match” (i.e. say we want them). But it’s okay because the mourning period was short “eh, we lost Bow”.

We currently have requested a match with a girl in Brazil. I have been waiting with baited breath as my email notification tells me I have new email. Unfortuantely, we know nothing yet. This girl (or I should say woman, she’s 22) lives in Sao Paulo and has enough experience for what we need. She had a really good phone interview and we decided to see what happens. Unfortuantely, we have heard nothing. And that was at 11pm last night. We are hoping that we did not lose her.

Pa-pa and J-Lo:
My step-dad dates J-lo. Not the pop-music star, but the Kids think she’s a rockstar! The kids have been enjoying Pa-Pa and J-lo’s visit. We have been enjoying their visit too, because the kids have been entertained while we have been Au Pair hunting.

Race Week:
Yes, it’s race week again. Although it doesn’t feel like it. I feel a little cheap that I am not taking the half-marathon distance seriously. I think that my blase attitude is because I have run this race before and that I know what to expect. It’s more predictable than the marathon… less can happen, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t. I know people train hard for this distance, but I am thinking… “eh, it’s just a half marathon”. I say this and on Saturday the course, is going to spank my white heiney and teach me a lesson. I guess that’s why we run the races.

But with that said, I don’t think that I am as under trained as I thought I was with the lack of training. If I can run 4 miles at a 8 minute pace, with 5 days of no exercise after accomplishing the same pace, I might have a chance to break 2 hours. I’ll have to look at the numbers to see if that is a realistic goal.

My Lovely and Talented wife wasn’t all that thrilled that I called her “strange”. Who would of thought that she would have read that post. I have been warned… no gifts. so, no gifts. But I don’t want all the romantics out there to start crying and writing sappy ballads, but I have … DANG… I just got an email and it was Au Pair related but not for our search… give me a freakin’ heart attack! Grrr…

okay, so where was I? Oh, I have a plan (queue Master plan music) but with the current threat level of Orange that My Lovely and Talented Wife will read this blog, I can only say that “The Fox Follows the Sparrow to the Green Sea” repeat “The Fox Follows the Sparrow to the Green Sea

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