Oh Pear

Our house is going to become international in the near future, we are not sure if it’s going to be March or sometime after that. Now, it’s not because we are going to be adding Mexican Jumping Beans to our grocery list or that we are going to be purchasing Phyllo dough in bulk to make Baklava. No, we are going much bigger than that. We are going to be hosting an Au Pair for a year.

What you say is an Au Pair… I had never heard of them until a few months ago. An Au Pair is in essence live-in childcare but from another country. The advantage of an Au Pair over, say a nanny service is that the Au Pair program is regulated by the State Department, so there are rules, regulations, and a ton of paperwork. So you get qualified people who have a love of children, often wanting to start some child program in their own country. Most of the applicants are in their early 20s, both male and female and from all over the world. Looking online at them last night, was like reading the names of crew members on cruiseships… I first want to know where they live.

So why on earth would we want an Au Pair? Have you looked at school costs these days for preschools? Holy Schmoly. It will still be a while before the kids will be ready for public schools. And The Elder is not old enough to watch The Younger. Plus, the schools that we would like and would feel comfortable to send them too are too expensive for two kids… Yeah, thanks for that $10 discount on the siblings… it’s a 2% saving.

Having an Au Pair will be one of the pieces to get My Lovely and Talented wife the time she needs to work her business consistenly from home. If she was working at the corporate job, the kids would be in day care anyway… So, this is an opportunity for her to work from home and still be with the kids while the kids are being educated and entertained and not from the Almighty Television. Selfishly, it will allow me to volunteer at more races because I won’t have to scramble for babysitters!

When Jen gets further in her business, I’ll be able to leave UT and pursue my photography stuff full time and the sooner the better!

So what’s in it for the Au Pair? Well, they do get a stipend each week. They get to spend time working with children, improving their conversational english and experience the American culture.

So now the next thing is to pick one… decisions… decisions…

I apologize that this seems rushed… it is.

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