Cold Motivation

My Lovely and Talented Wife is strange, but in a good way. Maybe that’s why I like her. So after her $1,000,000 idea of how I could market my Photography, she is on fire with a logo design for me. I already have two proofs of logos from her. Isn’t that awesome, a whole graphics art department but without the overhead.

This is the same women who told me that I would be legitimately in trouble if I bought a Valentine’s Day present. Seriously… What is she going to do now? Say that I can sit on the sofa in my skivvies and watch TV with a bucket of buffalo wings teaching my sons the finer aspects being a manly-man. Nah, that won’t happen, I might get sauce on the sofa. And what a shame for her… I was going to drop some serious jack on some roses too… ehh, maybe next year.

We do will have some flexibility on Valentine’s day. My stepdad (Pete) and his girlfriend Janet (J-lo) will be coming tomorrow and staying for a week. This means that they will have mandatory babysitting duties. MuHAHAHA… So we will be able to actually go out in the middle of the week for dinner somewhere. I’m thinking Taco Bell, but we might go upscale like McAllister’s or something. Perhaps go Intercontential with Thai or Chinese food. There is a Greek restaurant somewhere in Oak Ridge that we found out about at that kids festival. Who knows.

I, on the other hand, am all for getting something good for Valentine’s Day…

I couldn’t think of a title for today’s post that describe my run today…

As I was walking to the Aquatic Center, I knew that I wanted to make today a short, easy run. Say a 3 mile run at a 9:30/10:00 minute mile pace. Nothing to strenuous since I had just run 5 miles the day before after a long span of no running.

In the aquatic center, there are 2 or 3 lockers that I like to use. I know where they are and I don’t have to remember what locker I used or look for my lock. Well, my favorite locker has been taken the past week or so, so I went to my second choice. The neighboring locker to my second choice, was taken and yesterday, the guy was using it the same time that I was and so it’s too cramped. I’m not into the whole “getting cozy in the locker room with a naked 60 year old”, so I looked for another locker that had a little bit more space. Found it, except… there wasn’t enough hooks to hang my clothes, so I went back to the previous locker.

SO, after playing merry-go-lockers, I get the “sensation” and it’s not because of a York Pepper mint Patty. So I go to my favorite stall… yes, I have a prefered stall to use, it’ll be part of the wierd things about me. But whom ever was there before me, needs to go back to Markman’s School. I swear. My 3 yo has better aim than this person… sheesh. I guess if he was trying to hit the seat and let gravity do the rest… mission accomplished, except that some lots of his handiwork dried onto the seat. Somewhere in there was an art project.

So, I am off on my easy 3 mile run. That was until 30 seconds into my run the wind picked up and it was cold. Since it was going to be above freezing today, I had opted not for my Almost Tights nor my hat and gloves. GRRRRR… I mean BRRRRRR. So what do I do? I speed up.

My nice, planned 3 mile lolligag around campus is now a tempo run. Sore muscles HERE WE COME! I decided that I would stick with the 3 mile distance but that I would try a different course. This 3.1 mile course took me around the Fort Sanders area on the northern side of Cumberland.

What was neat was that I crossed the street and was running on that side of the street. I found it almost amazing that although I was running the same section of road that I normally run, it seemed totally refreshing and brand new. Almost as if I was in a new city. Then I started to think about how we can get into a rut in our lives and still do the same thing, but if just change one little thing, that it can really change out outlook. Damn, I love running.

So my split times were 8:08, 9:07 (for 1.1 miles – 8:18 pace), 8:05 for a total time of 25:22. Not terrible, but I need not read into this as it would translate poorly into my ability to survive at a speedy half-marathon pace. There stands a good chance for me to break 2 hours (9:11 avg pace), that makes me happy. But like my Other Running Brother Darrell said in yesterday’s comment, I should see how the longer run this weekend fares and make adjustments after that…

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