Being Productive

It seems that latent illnesses are all over the place. That 3-day rule of exposure to symptoms is so accurate at our place, you could win cash money in Vegas with it. Sure enough, the boys had been playing with a kid with just a little cough earlier this week. Germs. Oh how they spread.

Sure enough, 3 days later, runny noses and coughs. Fortunately, the effects weren’t all that major. Drainage in the morning, accompanied with coughs, runny nose during the day, decreased appetite…

Despite has sickos in the house, we were pretty productive this weekend. My Lovely and Talented Wife and I started a Friday Family Meeting right before date nights on Friday. The goal is to discuss our plans and figure out whom (can I get a grammar check on that please?) is doing what. It sure beats the whole Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-The-Pants thing. Ideally, we’ll be much more efficient as we get more comfortable with the procedure, but right now, it’s pretty good.

Saturday, Jen was having a class in the morning and one in the evening. So, to take advantage of the “free time”, The Elder went off for a play date and The Younger accompanied me to run errands. With the The Younger in tow, I was able to get stuff on my To-Do list that was weeks and months old, but since they hadn’t been high priorities they just kept getting moved around and rescheduled. Had I been a little more prepared, I would have worked in a run as well, but I’m glad I got my stuff done.

Saturday night, had me not as productive but still busy. I did work on some of my podcast episode, that is so overdue it’s not funny. Stop it… don’t laugh, I told you it was not funny. Mainly this time, it was household things that needed to be done. When ML&T wife was home from her class, we watched the movie Drumline, which was okay maybe a C+ or so. But when the sun rose…

Everyone had runny noses, coughs and felt bad, well, except for me. I was okay. And since I was the heatlhiest one, I went to church to cover our Welcome Center shift for the Nursery. I also went to sunday school which was nice because the class is going to start a book called Boundaries for the next few weeks. It looks interesting and may pick it up to read myself.

After church I went to the grocery store to get a little bit of food and on the way back thought it was too nice of a day to stay indoors, sickness or not. Later that afternoon, we went outside to put together Eric’s Hotwheel that Pa-Pa had bought during his visit. Of course, I am not sure that we really needed to put it all together because they were having fun with just the parts:

And after all was said and done, the adults managed to put everything together and in the right place. The only thing that was left over was a sticker that didn’t have a home. So here is the Elder with his new wheels.

The excitement outdoors, I think worsened some of the symptoms but I think was well worth it by getting out of the house. It’s a little chilly here today, but I have big race plans for the spring season and although I am a little saddened by not being about to run a Spring Marathon, but I think that I have a good alternative… more on that after my speedwork today at lunch.

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