Weekend Update

The aftermath of the Grafitti is just about cleaned up. We used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on our less sensitive surfaces and a product from Melaleuca called Sol-u-Mel on the hardwood floor and other wood based products. The marker drawers are locked, but that’s just making The Younger look for other places to investigate.

We are going on Day 9 of no running. Yes, I know. I would have ran today, but I forgot all my warm clothes… I guess I could have swam (indoors) but I stayed at my desk and worked.

Remember when I was out galavanting in the South Pacific on American Samoa, well, I am starting to get into the report process and so I won’t have as much time to leave witty and meaningful comments.

Weekend Update
This past weekend we had some fun with the kids. We took our marked up kids to an international festival at the Oak Ridge Children’s Museum. It was rather fun! There was plenty of stuff inside the museum and there were some food (for purchase) from different countries:

  • India
  • Greece
  • Mediterraen
  • Poland
  • Korea
  • France

But we didn’t try any of them.

It was no big surprise that my train lovin’ boys love the Train Wing in the museum. Aparantly, the local chapters of Railroad Hobby Anonymous has a bunch of guys that build Trainscapes. We watched one guy plant “grass” on the scene. And these are very detailed scenes, that are pretty cool. The one that we spent the most time was a 4 train, that spanned the entire length of the room. You could tell that these guys were serious about their work, they all had the same color polo shirts with the logo of their club. If we go back anytime soon, I’ll grab some pictures.

The train room was (of course) the last place we went, before lunch, and before we needed to leave. So there was some seperation anxiety from having to leave the trains. Needless to say there was not a core meltdown.

Now, if you didn’t “catch” that last sentence, we were in Oak Ridge, the site of the first nuclear reactor, plus the site of the Big-Boom part of the Manhattan Project. So it was a nuclear joke. Sorry… I know it’s a Monday.

So after we got home and Jen’s galmour class at the house, we headed over to a birthday party of good friends of ours. The party was at the Bouce House which is one of those party places that has inflatable slides and obstacle course and bounce rooms. The kids play for about an hour and then have cupcakes and snacks. For parents, it’s very nice… you go some where else than your house…. the kids play like crazy… the kids make a big mess eating their snacks and the people clean up for you. We did this for The Elder’s 3 birthday.

So a good time was had by all, I have some great pictures of The Younger and might post those if I can get around to it, low priority on pictures right now.

Sunday was pretty low-key. The normal church, although I have some of my most creative thinking during the sermon… I came up with an idea for me teaching a sunday school class about dreams and The Secret. I have in my head what I want to do, it’s a matter of making the time to get it done.

The other big thing was the Superbowl. Peyton Manning, the unofficial patron (peytron) saint of Tennessee won the whole enchilada Sunday night. There was a huge collective sigh from the State and even the Knoxville’s party had a sizeable headline on the front page about his win. Yeah, that’s the norm here in Knoxville… Although I would not have been totally bummed if Chicago had won (RB – Thomas Jones is a Virginia Graduate)… but I did find our copy of Superbowl Shuffle and the fact that I have the Superbowl Shuffle isn’t enough to date me, the fact that I have it on Vinyl, 45rpm… definitely will.

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