1st & 10

Very predictably, they (the Sports Talk people) are still taking about the Superbowl Peyton Manning. I expect this to continue for quite a while.

I was so excited when I thought of the title of this post. Not because it has anything to do with football, but more of the fact that I thought of it on my run today.

“WAH WAH WAH?!?!?!,” you say.

Yes, I finally after 10 painful days, made it back onto the roads and ran 5 miles on my Back to the Tracks route. It was a balmy 33 degrees but I was dress appropriately and strangely enough only had some catcalls from some college boys… go figure.

Anyway, as I was wondering, I was starting to think about my upcoming Strawplains Half Marathon. I was still thinkng about Sam’s comment about missing runs, not having that much deteriment to my races. And she has a very good point.

But, I need to be careful. I feel that I am experience to know not to try for a certain time but then again, I think I am experience to know how to handle a faster pace when I am undertrained. This latter scenario is a recipe for some serious injury. My achilles heel is that I get excited at races and will have the tendancy to start out faster than I should, or if I run with Marty, we might start off slow, but then I might run a faster average pace than I would if I ran by myself. So, I need to serious think about my pre-race strategy and not fly by the seat of my pants.

I know that my Half Marathon PR is out of the question. My run today was just under a 9:00 pace, and 5 miles felt “okay” but not really good enough for 10 miles at this pace and definitely not 13.1.

I am hoping to get a 9-10 mile run this weekend, and that would be a good distance to help me judge what type of pace I want to run. The good thing about the Strawplains race is that I am familiar with the course, that I have a good idea of what is going to work.

Well, enough rambling about running, I should get back to figuring out some wage rates…

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