Tuna Fact: The minimum wage rate for workers who can tuna for StarKist and Chicken of the Sea is $3.26, for Private Labels from Thailand the minimum rate is estimated to be less than a dollar.

The weather is beautiful here today, but that doesn’t mean that I feel the same way. If I could have gotten on the road today at lunch, I might not have been able to enjoy it. Tomorrow has the promise of being just as pretty… on the outside and even prettier on the inside.

12:36. What does this mean to you?

Did you think that it was the time? It is not.
Did you think it was a Bible verse numeric? It is not.
Did you think it was a time? You are getting close.

It is a time. A time that someone thought would be satisfactory to achieve in his lifetime. Unfortunately, he will never achieve it. He’s been dead for over 30 years. And, as you might guess, he’s a runner.

His name is Steve Prefontaine. 12:36 was the time that he would happy with running 3 miles. His eulogy on the track where he made some of his most creative masterpieces was 12 minutes and 36 seconds.

What makes Steve Prefontaine or “Pre” a person that I admire was for his principles. Pre did not condone mediocrity, in his life or in his running. I strive to live this way when I am not feeling sorry for myself and a victim. It’s when in the last 0.8 of a half marathon that my goal is not let the runners behind me pass me despite the fact that I am out of fuel and hurting. Or when I decide to cut my 5 mile run to 4 just because “I don’t feel like it”. It’s about giving everything you have, seeing who has the most guts and although you might not win (Pre came in 4th in the 1972 Olympics 5k after leading the race twice and with 600 meters to go), you don’t settle.

There is a movie called Without Limits that I scored from the $5.88 DVD bin at Wal-mart in 2003. I use this movie as motivation during my treadmill runs and it works wonders. And although it is a movie and just an adaptation of his life, it still has some of the core values that Pre held during his short existence in this world. It’s hard enough these days to find a role model that you can really back behind and since Pre’s dead, it’ll be hard for him to do anything stupid that would rebuke what he stood for while alive.

While my 3 mile will never be close to 12:36, I would have to say that I would be most please with a 19:30 3 mile, which averages to a 6:30 minute mile as opposed to 4:12 mile of Steve’s. For reference, since I don’t actually run 3 mile races, a 6:30 would equal a 20:09 5k, just a mere 1:47 faster of my current 5k PR.

So if you want to hear an absolutely podcast about Steve Prefontaine, then click right over here to Phedippidations and find Episode 85: Steve Prefontaine and give it a listen.

Ahhh… a nice post later and the outlook looks good. Damn, I love running and didn’t even take a step…

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