Did you know that in 2005 the amount of imported tuna was equal to the amount made in the US? Yep, it’s true!!!

I am taking a slight break from the tuna report and wandering the internet reading about the misadventures of the universe. Yesterday, I had a “oh-Oh-OH” moment. And no, it was not during a moment of ravenous passion. It was brought on by glancing out of my front window:

The picture hasn’t been altered other than size but you can tell the color in the clouds and was quite dramatic. I believe in my non-meterologic opinion that it was a result of the sunlight of the setting sun refracting off dust and clouds out in the midwest which has a weather front that is going to bring us rain today. Could of been that my neighborhood was on fire… I dunno. I wish that I could say that I did some fancy stuff and had a better picture, but I had Stella on Automatic all the way…

After 5 minutes from the previous picture, the doomsday sign deepened a little:

The color really contrasted on the blue of the sky, but for some reason, you can see that. I probably need a little bit better lens or a different filter for these conditions. These are things I need to learn!

Weather map looks pretty decent to get a run at lunch before the rain starts today. And there does appear to be a warming trend in the next few days, almost to 60F on Wednesday. But being in East Tennessee, I don’t hold my breath because it could be a blizzard on Thursday.

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