what happen to marzena godecki

I felt compelled to the almost obligatory post on “How people find me”. I was thinking that people out there were looking for super cool ideas, concepts and a great blog to read and that mine would be first (maybe second) on their list.

Delusions of Grandeur…

Guess what my #1 Referral from Google was when I checked? Unknown. Yep, Un-freakin’-known. Lost in the internet only to be found by Unknown. These are probably the same people who are looking up how to find the ‘Any’ key on their keyboard.

Rounding out the top 5 of my referral link was

  • Intergalactic Pictures for Kids
  • Mycokereward double points schedule
  • 2007 Disney Marathon
  • Unknown (again – popular guy)

The reason that I had decided to check my sitemeter stats was because I was going to find my tracking number to see where the girl was in her cross country trip. As of 4:38 am Eastern this morning, she left Oklahoma City and is heading East towards her new home in East Tennessee.

Today, there won’t be any running that I know of at this time. I have a few a couple of appointments this afternoon and so I am taking lunch and the rest of the day off. I’ll be busy, so it’s not like a vacation.

So what did happen to Ms. Godecki?

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