As I think about what I am going to write in my next post. I mean, we all (as in bloggers) write our post in our head before it gets down on paper keyboard. And if you are like me the eloquent masterpiece in my mind doesn’t transfer very well down my arm and into the keyboard.

So, today I was thinking of a number of different titles for the post. You would think that I would like to go with clever and witty but that’s not always the case. Of course there is the title that is a tease of what the content is going to be to get to read it in its entirety. It all goes back to good creative marketing, for which I am a sucka!

So rehab is in reference to my shoulder. I pulled a muscle yesterday that has been bothering me. Not that it continuously hurts, but that it is a shooting pain when I forget that it’s there and I turn my head quickly. Luckily it doesn’t hurt while running, but if I stretch just right, I can feel the big wad of threads.

So I ran again at lunch. I knew that I had to because I won’t get a chance to tomorrow and if my shoulder is better on Friday I want to swim. I was even thinking that my legs didn’t hurt from yesterday’s run despite the 11 abstinence from running. Well, they didn’t hurt until I started to run, then they felt heavy… not really sore, but achy.

The nice thing about this is that I knew it would pass as I warmed up. And sure enough, it got better as I went further and further… but I wasn’t interested in running easy today, I wanted Tempo!

I ran my 3 mile course down around Volunteer Landing, which is nice because I can take a break at the 1.5 mile split if I want, which I did today. Approaching the 1st Mile Split, I was a little weary that I would have a dismal slow time. Physcologically, I knew that if my time was 8:30 or slower that I would be done with the run. I could tell that I was faster than yesterday, but that was my perception and it could have been that today a 8:45 felt faster than yesterday’s 8:16 first mile.

7:35 and I was surprised. And with that, I knew that I needed to slow down or I would walking the last 1.5 miles back. What was nice and expected was that my other split times weren’t all that bad either.

7:54 (mile 2) and I had a little walking break (stopped the watch) to go get water. It wasn’t until I go there that I remembered the water had been turned of months ago… GRR

9:45 (mile 3) some needed walking breaks, but my run up the Lake Loudon hill was strong… I basically cruised the entire way up, tired afterwards but a great showing.

So tomorrow will be a rest day. I need to figure out my training schedule for the next few months so that i know what I should be doing, or if I don’t what I can do in place of it. Plus it will help me with defining my running goals for 2007…

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